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About My Work

About my work

Design consumes my life. It’s an obsession and I benefit from it. My designer’s view never turns off. Design doesn’t feel like “work” for me. I enjoy it. There is no correct way to design something, everything changes, and nothing gets boring. My life is prepared for design consumption.

Sam thrived in a collaborative environment, took direction really well and had a thirst for knowledge. 

Aimee Urban – COO at Synapse Marketing Solutions


Whether it be product booklets or 30 second TV spots, I believe my work speaks for itself. Browse my most recent projects below.

R4FB Photography Zine

Not for Nothing Web Series

  • by: Hothead Bmx

Not For Nothing is a three part, bmx based web editorial series filmed and edited by myself in the heart of New York City. When I moved to NYC, I immediately wanted to start a project capturing the lifestyle of bmx athletes in the five boroughs. The Not For Nothing series shows an underground industry in a city that never sleeps.

Shot on a Canon 70D. Lenses include: Tokina Fisheye 10-17mm f/2.8, Canon 50mm f/1.8, Canon 35-55mm f/2.8.

Filmed & Edited: Sam Downs
Logo and titles: Kaitie Trout

Part 3 coming soon…

HDI Railings E-Mail Blasts

These ads were created for a long time client, HDI Railings. They are a handrail manufacturer based out of south central Pennsylvania. Their most recent projects include the observation deck at the new World Trade Center in NYC, Offices in The Empire State Building, and Disney’s Epcot Center along with many other residential and commercial buildings all over the world.

All of the email blasts were based heavily on photography. HDI’s clean, simple, and european design style needed to be shown through these E-mail blasts to gain interest to new clients, architects, and construction contractors. Each E-mail features a different handrail option that HDI produces.

Images were color corrected and manipulated in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC.

Adrenalist Branding and Website Design

Adrenalist is an apparel brand for a wilderness lifestyle. The logo was designed in a minimalist style to attract athletes and the fitness public. Branding for this start-up was difficult because it needed to stand out against the massive competition. I believe I accomplished the branding goal with the use of beautiful photography and a strict grid structure. The website home page was designed to a WordPress coding structure for easy content management. For more information on the start-up, please visit their Instagram page: @AdenalistCo

HDI Railings 1/3 Page Monthly Magazine Ads

HDI Railings 1/3 Page Monthly Magazine Ads

These are two of the monthly magazine advertisments I currently design HDI Railings. These ad’s are featured in both Architect Magazine and Arch Record magazine every month. Each ad showcases a new design or product that HDI has produced using clean typography and photography. The ads are seen by architects, interior designers, and construction contractors all over the United States.

“Featured in both architect magazine and arch record magazine every month.”

The ads produce a lot of interest in HDI’s products and they continue to be designed for the company.

Lee Clow’s “Think Different” Art Gallery Promotion

In 1997, TBWA/Chiat/Day produced on of the most memorable campaign’s in advertising and sent Apple computers into what they are today. Lee Clow’s genius made the campaign a worldwide success. Since then Clow has produced some of the most stunning promotional campaigns in advertising. These promotional pieces are for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s main gallery, promoting his work in advertising, television, and radio.

The style of these promotional pieces reflect Clow’s colorful and playful style, personality, and his non-mistakeable Californian appearance. The pieces include a promotional DVD documentary of his work in television and advertising, and a 24″ x 36″ screen printed poster that will be hung up all around San Francisco’s city streets to gain interest in the upcoming show.

See more of TBWA

Under the Sun

This project was filmed on and off over the course of ten months in New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. The film was created at first as a summer only project, but then morphed into a longer and more in depth creation following my move to New York in August of 2014. Music selection was critical in this style of editorial. It features two of the best artists in the underground hip-hop scene, Apollo Brown and Gramatik, and of course some of the classic Charles Bradley.

Edited By:
Sam Downs

Filming Locations:
New York City, Philadelphia, York, and Baltimore.

“Drinking Life” by Apollo Brown
“How Long” by Charles Bradley
“When I Was Playing’ Fair” by Gramatik

Special Thanks To:

HDI Railings Product Update

HDI Railings came to me asking for a promotional look book for their new products. They needed the layout to be clean and based heavily on photography, to match their website and the rest of their promotional media. The design

 Their target audience have high standards as they design and manufacture stair railing for architects and business owners all around the world.  
Adrenalist Co
Hyper Bike Co
Under The Sun
Blockhouse Furniture
  •  Sam not only brought a thirst for knowledge with him each day, but he brought a great attitude to work as well. It great to work with someone that is passionate about his craft and has a great sense of humor to go along with it. 

    Mike Deraco-Vice President of Production at Synapse Marketing Solutions
  • Sam is a creative, personable, and dependable designer. He has the technical savvy combined with design/creativity to realize his visions and apply them to any medium. He will be a upcoming designer to watch. 

    Thomas M. Notarangelo, MFA-Graphic Design Instructor at The Art Institute of York, PA
  • I highly recommend Samuel Downs to any employer searching for a graphic designer with innovative ideas! 

    Carrie Buller-Copy Coordinator at Sinclair Broadcast Group
  • Sam is a creative thinker. He has brought a great design eye to Synapse and has been a hard worker. We valued his work as both a graphic designer and in video production. 

    Pamela Denlinger-Director of Account Management at Synapse Marketing Solutions


    During my career I have aquired many awards and recognitions for my pieces and work ethic. Here are some of them.

    2012 Silver Award of Design Excellence

    In 2012 I was awarded the 2012 Silver Award of Design Excellence for a website layout I designed for a long-time client. The piece was in a minimalistic style and was based heavily upon photography that I took and edited. 

    2011 DDX Design Show Nominee

    During my training at The Art Institute of York, Pennsylvania, a number of my pieces were selected by professors and classmates for the DDX Design Show. Agency owners and small business owners from all over the central Pennsylvania area came in attendence.  

    Dean's List and Honor Roll

    I was awarded both Deans list and Honor roll mentions while studying at the Art Institute for my bachelors of science degree. I lost many nights of sleep and drank lots of Red Bull in order to keep this up. It is something I’m very proud of. 

    Perfect Attendence

    As if juggling multiple projects and keeping up with freelance jobs wasn’t enough, I also had perfect attendence at the Art Institute, which I have carried on into my professional career. Being able to count on someone is very important and I take that very seriously.


    As a graphic designer and videographer, my skills range from print hierarchy and typography to audio manipulation and motion graphic animation. Here are some of the main skills I have but are not limited to. I am always willing to learn in this ever-changing industry.

    Concept Development
    Branding / Identity
    Motion Graphics / Visual Effects
    Thirst for Learning

    Professional Experience

    Multimedia Designer
    Tremor Video (New York, NY)
    March 2015 – Present

    Video & Content Editor
    RidePA BMX (Philadelphia, PA)
    July 2015 – Present

    Freelance Graphic Designer
    HDI Railing Systems (Columbia, PA)
    June 2010 – Present

    Graphic Designer
    Synapse Marketing Solutions (Lancaster, PA)
    September 2013 – August 2014

    Freelance Videographer
    Oak Leaf Manor (Lancaster, PA)
    July 2012 – Present

    Graphic Design Intern
    Blockhouse Contract Furniture (York, PA)
    April 2013 – September 2013

    Videographer & VFX Artist
    Hyper Bicycle Company (Malaga, NJ)
    May 2012 – September 2013

    Graphic Design Intern
    Weber Advertising (Lancaster, PA)
    March 2010 – December 2010

    Graphic Designer. Videographer. Concept Developer.